Online ordering is not currently available. Expect that to return some time in 2018.
Order your Cuttings for spring 2018 $0.50 each &
We have 3 year old Leon Millot Bare root Plants available 1 plant for $5.00 each + handling & shipping.
Contact us to discuss shipping.

(other varietal's available but only for local pick-up)

Current prices

Harvest is pretty much done. We still have grapes available, but sadly, are unable to reserve rows at this time. Pre-ordering rows will be available for the 2018 harvest in June, 2018.
Late season pricing is $0.50/lb. The stemmer-crusher or presses not be available due to ambient air temperatures, and the difficulty cleaning the equipment when the hoses keep wanting to freeze.
Grapes Organically Grown with Love
(Not Certified Organic, Yet)
Expected 2018 fall Grape Prices
(the best wine & juice grapes on the market)
0 - 499 lbs= $.80 per lb.
500 - 999 lbs= $.75 per lb.
1000 + lbs= $.70 per lb.
13 lbs = 1 gallon of juice (approximately)
Please bring containers for your grapes

25% deposit on all pre-orders. Include name, address, evening and daytime phone numbers and available (u-pick) dates in mid September to early October 2018 (we will save vineyard rows for your order). Call (509) 951-7668. Complimentary manual equipment is available to crush, de-stem and to press your grapes.