Online ordering is not currently available. Expect that to return some time in 2018.
Order your Cuttings for spring 2018 $0.50 each &
We have 3 year old Leon Millot Bare root Plants available 1 plant for $5.00 each + handling & shipping.
Contact us to discuss shipping.

(other varietal's available but only for local pick-up)

Current prices

Pre-ordering rows will be available for the 2018 harvest in June, 2018.
Grapes Organically Grown with Love
(Not Certified Organic, Yet)
Expected 2018 fall Grape Prices
(the best wine & juice grapes on the market)
0 - 499 lbs= $.80 per lb.
500 - 999 lbs= $.75 per lb.
1000 + lbs= $.70 per lb.
13 lbs = 1 gallon of juice (approximately)
Please bring containers for your grapes

25% deposit on all pre-orders. Include name, address, evening and daytime phone numbers and available (u-pick) dates in early September to early October 2018 (we will save vineyard rows for your order). Call (509) 951-7668. Complimentary manual equipment is available to crush, de-stem and to press your grapes.