Wine making attempt #1

There are 2 basic ideologies when it comes to making wine: organically, using the wild yeast on the grape, and scientifically, using aftermarket yeast.

I decided to try it both ways. I prefer the concept of the organic methodology, but want to try it the other way as well (cover as many bases as I can).

I bought a couple of fermentation vats and went to work. Primary fermentation started slow due to the temperature of the garage being too low. I added a heater and fermentation started rolling alone, but I think it might still be cooler than it should be. Since primary started so slow, I let it go for 9 days instead of 7.

Pressing went fine, and I wound up with roughly 10 gallons of each methodology in 2 sets of glass carboys. Smells terrific.

Note to self: don't start so late in the year next time! Moving took up so much time I wasn't able to start the wine when i should have. I'll know better for next year. I can't forget the litter of 13 puppies that have also taken up a lot of our time! You can see pictures of them here.

Secondary fermentation doesn't seem to be happening, so I added a second heater to increase the temp. It's now up to 70. We'll see what happens.