I've bought a vineyard, so now what?

I can't say I ever expected to own a vineyard, but here I am. The question is "now what?". The purchase was completed in September, which is too late to really do much other than enjoy the harvest. The prior owner (Hi Glen!) had been running the vineyard as a u-pick, which we are continuing. The real work will begin next spring.

There are 2 tasks for this fall:
  • get all of the grapes off of the vines (time to learn to make wine!)
  • bed down the vines by running the irrigation system hard for 3 days

We'll finally be doing some picking tomorrow for own use, both for grapes and for wine. I went down today and bought supplies for making wine from Jim's Homebrew. I'll cover my wine-making attempts in another post.

The todo list for spring is currently looking like this:
  • repair trellises (there are a fair number that are only held up by the trellis wires
  • re-hang the bottom wires with the drip irrigation pipe
  • prune the vines are overgrown, but attached to the trellis system
  • train the newer vines that have never been attached to the trellis
  • re-plant the 1+ year-old vines that are in the garden, to the vineyard, and get them on training sticks
  • release lady bugs into the vineyard to help control pests
  • plant some more clover (beneficial plant)
  • weed

I'm guessing that the spring todo list will take almost 2 months, but I could be way off. It will be interesting to see!